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Something missing from "your bundle provides the following" list in the Store


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When viewing Package Upgrades in the Store there are two items missing from the list of items already granted by my KS Amber.


The Kickstarter Medium Fort and starting title are not shown in the list. See copy/paste from the store:

Your Kickstarter Amber bundle provides the following:

1 month Kickstarter bonus VIP membership
Guinea Beast Pack Animal
Kickstarter Amber Avatar Frame
Kickstarter Amber Forum Badge
All Kickstarter Badges and Frames up to Amber level
Thanks in the credits as a Kickstarter Amber Patron
Digital copy of Crowfall (retail $50)
Kickstarter exclusive: Arcane Weapon Recipe set - (Cosmetic)
Kickstarter exclusive: Quarterhorse summoning figurine
Copy of Digital Art Book
Copy of Digital Soundtrack
Reserve Unique Character Name
Kickstarter exclusive: Warhorse summoning figurine
Exclusive God Statue for your personal Kingdom (your choice)
1 additional character slot (4 total)
Kickstarter exclusive: Nightmare summoning figurine
Access to Alpha 2 and all subsequent tests
2 cottages for your personal Kingdom
Increase your account bank size by 20%
Choose the name of a fallen hero (subject to approval)
Physical Collectors Edition of Crowfall
Reserve Guild Name
9 bonus tax-free parcels of land for your personal kingdom
Choose the name of a fallen monarch (subject to approval)
Access to expanded colors for Guild Heraldry creator
Kickstarter exclusive: All-Father Statue Relic : Blessing of Knowledge +1% training of combat skills
Forgemaster Statue Relic : Gaes of Craftsmanship +1% training of crafting skills
Centaur Statue Relic : Blessing of Courage +1% hunger resist
Dwarven Blacksmith Thrall NPC : Improved crafting
72 months VIP membership (6 years)

There should be an entry such as: "Exclusive stronghold (Kickstarter Medium Fort) for your personal kingdom and a starting title of Knight or Lady"


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Your Kickstarter Amber bundle provides the following:

1 additional character slot (4 total)


Oh, and this line seems to be wrong. It should be +3 additional slots, 6 total, for KS Amber. 1 additional character slot for each of Silver, Gold, and Amber KS levels.


Character slots may be gone now, but it is still an error.  =p


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