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You Asked For It...

doc gonzo

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Alright, non-personal questions...


1) What's a more deadly melee weapon?

  •  a sharpended but rusty metal spoon
  •  a blunt wooden spoon

2) Why?


Seriously, an interesting Vita, you sure have come a long way and probably experienced more than fits into a lifetime - good and bad. '79 was my year of birth and the year I lost my father. I still consider it to be good year, overall. That last part is Gaelic, yes?

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Yes doc, the good old gaming arcades always brought a twinkle to my eye!

Pinball! yes just enough bump but not make it tilt.

I was so happy when we could actually buy games to take home to play. I bought a PacMan for one of my children for Christmas one year and had played it for the whole month before she got it as a gift. Cheap skate mom I am.

I am always so amazed at how much our gaming experience has evolved.


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I love having Yer Doctor here!  After all of the many years I have known you, you are still bringing it!  Great read bro.  It brought back many many memories of my childhood!  

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Welcome Doc! 


Yes, back in our day connecting to the internet used to mean somethin'. You had to dial in, wait for it to connect and if you were lucky - "you got mail." Kids these days never get off the durn thing. They just connect and disconnect all willy nilly. 


The fav question that I heard was asked by my best friend's kids: "What do you mean you didn't had cell phones when you were kids?" lol



Oh and Doc, stop calling yourself old, I'm going to think that you want us to compliment you like: NOOO DOC; YER NOT OLD :P

But srsly now, most of these kids today have less energy and spirit than our generations ;)

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