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ClassicTrist: He dips beneath the lasers

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Hey Everyone,


ClassicTrist here from the Canada. I come from a gamer family. My mother, father, 3 siblings and myself all played Diablo II together pretty well throughout my teens, we would talk about our meph runs during breakfast and discuss builds and it was wonderful. Late in Middle school I started playing WoW and by the time I was in my 11th grade I had joined a hardcore raiding guild and we were keeping up with the lead guilds. This naturally means I played WoW all night and slept all day at school. When I graduated highschool I quit WoW cold turkey and jumped into University level learning. I am recently out of Uni and now am working the full time dream of designing big huge cool things.


I'm very excited about the Crowfall dev teams approach to this game; This passive skill training thing will help me stay focused at work and not stress out about people getting ahead of me in the game (I get a little competitive and always strive to keep pace with the servers front runners)


So far my play style, preferences and hopes/dreams align very well with the direction the Development team is taking this game so I am extra excited to meet everyone in game and start this wonderful adventure.


Cheers everyone!



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