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I'm Short, Fat, And Angry Aka Fawne!

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Hi, I'm Fawne also known as 'Risa', I'm rapidly approaching 30 years of age, and I live on the internet.


Though my physical being resides somewhere in Connecticut, which I still can't spell with out pausing, I pretty much spend all my days on my computer. If I'm not writing freelance fiction for $$$ I'm writing college level essays, though you'll be surprised to learn that the former usually requires more research than the later. I've become addicted to knowledge, especially history pertaining to the Alcohol Prohibition Era in the United States, and it's my lifetime goal to visit a speak-easy in every state before I'm 80.


In the real world I'm not very interesting. I'm short, round, dangerously ginger, and actually kind of shy. I dress and behave like I fell out of the 1950s and I'm a book worm to the extent to which I don't even get carded at the local library anymore. One day I hope to publish a book, but so far all the brain-vomit I've created is unfit for general consumption. Some day though... maybe... you'll be reading a book with my name under the title.


Gaming synchs well with my job, my mafia-mentality draws all the right people to me in games I enjoy playing, and I can draw inspiration from the worlds I'm submerged in to boost my own output. I found a home in EvE Online where I can write WHILE I'm playing, and win at 'Economy 101' in both realities virtual and non. I'm kind of hoping that Crowfall will mirror that game not in terms of AFK play, but in that I'll be just as dependent on people as they are on myself to make the game 'comfortable'. See you all in game o7

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I am tad bit bigger, of a stronger, less muscled build too - but can seldomly manage to get angry when I should, but tend to explode occasionally on non-issues when my principles are questioned.


Cornetticats, cool!


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