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Looking for someone to create a custom avatar


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After many years of using avatar images trimmed from other pictures or using no avatar at all, I have decided that it is time to update my online presence with a new avatar that is distinctly "mine".

The problem... I have little artistic talent and even less time to try to figure out how to create something.

Does anyone know of a service, paid or otherwise, that would be able to create a high-quality forum avatar for me?

Note that I'm not talking about a banner, just an avatar that can be used across a variety of gaming forums.


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We have some very good artists here. Just look at the pictures from Steppenwolf for example. Maybe one of them could paint you something really individual and unique if you send them a message?


Another possibilitiy i always liked very much (easy and good enough xD) is to create a collage out of existing pictures.


Like this Avatar




has been made out of this raven, this glasses, this landscape and this medal. If something like that is enough for you, then even i might help you . If you have some general ideas.

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