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Wrath of the Windreaper

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Hi guys!

Feels good to be back.


I was a veteran shadowbane player on the server "mourning".

Created my own guild and subbed it under DoF"Disciples of fear" under the rule of amun'raa.


Had tons of fights against elven roleplay guilds, since i settled right next to them ( probably not a smart move).

Eventually lost my stronghold and i quited.


After a few months i came back and i noticed the chinese zerg on the mourning server. So OP.

Under the banner of dragonscale i started up and slowly worked on setting up a guild under the sub dragonscale.

Called secret society. 

At some point secret society defected from dragonscale and started its own nation together with "Farmers place".


NA players destroyed Farmers place and we subbed under the NA players as a sub-guild.

At the end the chinese zerg took it over.


Lots of memories, lots of fun, i see alot of old shadowbane players lurking and wandering around here. Looking forward to play with you guys again!




Windreaper Kaines.

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