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Crowfall FATE


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I've been running a game of FATE with some friends and decided to take the setting for a test drive. Figure I'd share my mechanics for others who might be interested or have any feedback.


Skill List

Athletics - As written
Mercantile - Ability to establish contacts, manage resources, appraise value, etc.
Crafts - Forging/Repairing items and buildings with metal, wood, stone, cloth, gems, etc. also knowledge with metallurgy, mining, timber, forests, lumberjacking, tailoring, linen, silk, leather, rock, and mineralogy.
Enchant - Modifying or enhancing the magical properties of things, also used in conjunction with other skills for the creation of magical runes and wards.
Engineer - Architecture, construction, agriculture, ability to craft and understand mechanics of gunpowder, basic mechanical systems, and application of magic in these pursuits
Wildlife - Animal husbandry, survival skills, knowledge of nature, seasons, beasts and plants.
Brawl - Fight in close combat, either with fists or melee weapons.
Lore - Knowledge of myth, legends, the gods and the various races. Used in rituals and offerings to the various gods.
Observe - Notice, but also with ability to actively counter Stealth with things like flares and alarms. Also includes elements of Investigate.
Discipline - Physique, but more focused on mental training to shove off blows, find reservoirs of strength, etc.
Shoot - Ability to use ranged weapons, from basic projectiles to advanced firearms
Command - Knowledge and application of bureaucracy, organization, and improving efficiency where people are concerned. Also includes the ability to blend in and adapt customs.
Stealth - Also includes Burglary
Will - As written
Pyromancy - Ability to manipulate and summon flames and heat. Can be used in combat offensively.
Cryomancy - Ability to manipulate and summon ice, snow and cold energy. Can be used in combat offensively.
Necromancy - Ability to manipulate and transfer life and death energies, modify corpses and crow vessels/avatars, and also limited coercion over the undead. Necromancy is a delicate, time-consuming art and is difficult to utilize in the heat of combat.


Extras (Average-Quality Avatars)

Human: Any +1, Any +1, Any -1, Any -1. Humans have no special traits, but are the most versatile in their specialties.
Fae: Stealth +1, Athletics +1, Discipline -1, Command -1. A Fae can use their wings to slow falls or glide, and they can compactly fold them against their backs to be concealed under cloaks, ponchos, or other loose clothing.
Elves (Frostweaver): Cryomancy +1, Necromancy +1, Will -1, Engineer -1. Takes half damage (to a minimum of 0) from cold-related attacks.
Stoneborn: Crafts +1, Engineer +1, Observe -1, Stealth -1. Takes half damage (to a minimum of 0) from fire-related attacks.
Elken: Wildlife +1, Observe +1, Engineer -1, Mercantile -1. Elken possess an innate kinship with wildlife, and can communicate basic thoughts and concepts with them (danger, hunger, follow me, emotions and mood, etc.).
Guineceans: Mercantile +1, Engineer +1, Discipline -1, Crafts -1. Guineceans are also expert tunnelers and can dig out a 2-foot diameter tunnel at a rate of about 5 feet per minute in loose dirt (this does not account for transporting the dirt back to the surface as they dig deeper however)
Centaurs: Brawl +1, Command +1, Mercantile -1, Will -1. Centaurs can run (or gallop) about 2.5 times faster than normal, unmounted humanoids.
Minotaurs: Discipline +1, Wildlife +1, Lore -1, Pyromancy -1, Cryomancy -1. Minotaurs possess an innate sense of direction and can never become lost, even while in mazes or underground.

Edited by Inferni
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