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Stealth vs Burrow vs Combat


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As a crafter in the campaign worlds, your most treasured ability is whichever one keeps you alive.


Staying alive can be a team effort if you're protected by guild members but, what about the solo crafter or the crafter who just doesn't have time to wait on protection?


Will you choose to take stealth skills to move unseen?


Will you burrow under the ground, looking for minerals and runes?


Will you rely on your skills in pvp to crush ambushing assassins?


What's your favorite defensive strategy and why is it better than all the others?

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Q1) (Rhetorical)

Q2) Always, for any crow.

Q3) I'll be setting tiger pits, so we'll see if resources turn up. I expect that stuff to be mostly @ POI.

Q4) LOL, dedicated crafters will be gimp in combat without combat disciplines and promos, but I'll help my bodyguards fight them.

Q5) Join our guild and we can share ideas. Mechanics are unknown atm, but principles are eternal.

Honestly, you are the type of person that is much to competitive, has zero compassion for other people and think you are better than everyone else. You likely love to troll people on a day to day bases to get others angry and laugh about it. You make playing any online game unfun for everyone else.  -Kuroaka

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Will crafters really need to gather their own materials from dangerous locations? Maybe a bit at launch before they have high crafting skills, but after a while can't they just swap refining/crafting the materials into armor/weapons for raw goods?


Having a ton of Quality 5 ore isn't going to do a group of combat focused characters any good unless they find someone who can craft it into weapons/armor for them.


Hell the other way could even happen, where a high level craft could offer  some mercenaries a cut of the raw materials he farms if they can protect him while out gathering.

Landmimes, the silent killer.

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I think that the highly specialized crafters. The ones that are making the top tier items, will be solo or small group crafters. The way I see it is that guild crafters will get supplies fed to them for crafting but, it will mostly ho directly to a war effort. The stuff you want to sell will be the stuff nobody wants to wear in high risk games. We are talking dregs crawling for rare resources that may not be possible to get for large groups or large groups may not exist in the campaign

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