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Simma Down Now!


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Yes, I am Simma and yes, I do yell "Simma Down Now" every time I die in-game.  That's one of my many reasons my wife loves me so much.  Well that, and my ability to completely forget who she is for weeks at a time during new game launches.


If you haven't already guessed it, I'm a gaming addict.  I'm an MMO addict to be more precise.  I did a stint in 'The Joint' (aka United States Navy) for about 5 years and my brother introduced me to Star Wars Galaxies so that we could play together and keep in touch even though we were several thousands of miles apart.


To say that SW:G transformed who I am would be an understatement.  From the first time I logged in (Pre-NGE, by the way) I was amazed at this new thing called an "MMORPG" and the closeness of the community that played it.  I started because of my brother, I stayed because of the game, but I became an addict because of the people that played it with me.


To make a long story even longer (sorry, brevity is not my strong suit...don't judge me!) I've tried almost every MMO released since then.  Some have been better than others, but gradually the communities became toxic, the "MMO" part of the genre became "Mostly Single player but you can group up occasionally" and my love for these games started to wane.  I officially retired from playing MMO's in 2012 because of that.


Last year I had another transformative experience....I figured out what a podcast is (Hey, I never claimed to be hip, trendy or smart, just an MMO Addict....don't judge me!) and stumbled onto a podcast for Wildstar called the Planet Nexus Cast.  Not only was Wildstar shaping up to be a great game at the time but the host, Arawulf, showed me that he cared about the community as much as I did.  He re-ignited my faith in online communites and the games they play. Since then I've become a disciple of his (don't tell him I'm here, though.  I think the restraining order he got calls it stalking but I've never been much for semantics...don't judge me!)


 When I stumbled upon this game a couple weeks ago I was immediately intrigued.  I love to get involved in new games at the beginning and watch them grow.  With the talent roster and the few details we have learned about Crowfall so far I am very excited about what is coming and look forward to getting to know many more of you as we embark on this adventure together!


Until next time,


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SW:G provided me with the most satisfying gaming experience when failing. Bounty Hunting was just that awesome, even if you wasted an evening hunting your target and then couldn't bring it in, the journey truly was the goal. Tho reaching the goal was true euphoria, I must admit. But I cherish the memories of crafting and running my shop the most. I wasn't the best, nor the most known, but I could find my niche and make a virtual living from it. Great times, indeed.


So I'd like to be so bold to proclaim, with our shared hopes, we're in this together. Pleased to meet you!

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