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Hello from a SWG vet


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What up Crows!

My name is Josh and I am from Louisiana. I work in the bond market as an investment analyst by day and spend my free time gaming and/or helping my wife raise two boys at night.


So I recently stumbled upon a series of blog posts from Raph Koster on post-mortem SWG and in one of the comments he responded to someone that Crowfall wasn't his game and the he was just a "consultant". I "googled" Crowfall and started reading the FAQ and was stunned. It sounds like the exact game I had been hoping for. Then to learn the dev team includes some folk from SWG and other MMO's I've played raised the excitement level a few more notches.


I was a long time forum poster and early beta tester for SWG. I remember the SWG announcement. I was a freshman in college and my roomate had me hooked on Everquest. A Star Wars version would be sick. And it was! SWG remains one of my favorite games of all time and the moment I completed the notorious hologrind was one of the most gratifying gaming moments in my long history of gaming.


One of the contributions I made to the SWG community was a video I posted shortly before launch. It was a video of a dancing wookie to a Lil Kim song. I didn't think much of it and really just wanted to show it to some guild members. It went viral. This was before Youtube and social media were just getting started so we hosted it on our website host and quickly ran out of bandwith. I believe it got some comments from the dev team. Unfortunately it was a Lil Kim song and was unedited so the staff couldn't really share it with the community directly. I also recorded it with fraps so the quality is really bad. My friend Billymonstar has it posted on his youtube channel here - check it out and let me know if you remember it (it does have explicit lyrics on the song)!


I played on the Chilastra server and had multiple characters. Joson Kibil (my official Star Wars name generator name), Taint, and fAiNt wHoA (armorsmith). At launch, I helped form a guild known as Imperial Elites and then eventually transitioned over to the Rebel side and joined the guys at PACE. I had a nice armor business going for quite a while and was one of the first armorsmiths on the server making factional armor when that was released. I had a vendor in the "Best Buy" shop outside of Theed for a while.


Since SWG, I have played other MMO's including WoW, Everquest 2, Age of Conan, Star Wars the Old Republic, and Eve Online.


I am a big fan of in game economies and Eve was the closest one to the SWG experience for me.  


Enough about other games! I am looking forward to discussing the development of Crowfall and getting to know other fans of the game. My focus will be on crafting - I plan to craft weapons or armor - TBD!


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