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Dialogue Scripting in EK?

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Are there any plans to allow scripting dialogue in the EK?  It would add a lot of versatility to storylines if we could script dialogues with NPC's in EK's.  The players could turn them essentially into mini-campaigns of RP storylines.  Another way to make EK's useful and important. 




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Crowfall is not being built for the kind of people who like making content in Neverwinter Foundry. There's nothing wrong with that but it's not the niche this game is oriented towards, and those players are already served in other games.


Is this something they could theoretically do? Sure. There are an infinite number of things that they could theoretically do, and any of those would probably appeal to at least some gamers. But you can't make an infinite number of games with a finite number of developers. The game they have chosen to make is not about player scripted PVE/NPC content.

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I think some limited implementation of this could be interesting and useful in the game.  I don't think I want to see it extensively throughout, however.


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