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Shadowbane Succubus taken out - can we get it back?

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Other than another mob, does a Succubus potentially add anything to the game? Any reason for it to exist?


Yes, of course, it adds ambience.  :)  It would not be difficult to add this mob. 


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holy crap. i've never seen that class before.


but it looks like a neph, sounds like a vamp, and probably acted like a doomsayer. it was more than covered. interesting no bra class we missed out on for live.


I think it was just a mob.  But a class or discipline / rune succubus would be very intriguing. 


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I personally am a large supporter of this! Though I wouldn't mind a bit of incubi in there for a bit of equal opportunity.
My reason is because I get so bored with always having the coolest races locked away from you in games. The wookies/Trandoshan in SWTOR or any of the races in mass effect. WoW feels like just about the only one to be slowly catching up, with their races, especially with the upcoming demon hunter.

Beyond the superficial, I also adore it as a Role player. Demonhood or Lichdom is often a sign of mastery for would be Warlocks and Necromancers. And even though my warlock got all of his stats maxed out and can defeated demon lords in single combat, he somehow looks completely human in appearance.



That said I would settle for horns as novelty items from the cash store, like WoW did some time ago.


And now that we established we literally steal bodies from people, why wouldn't we be stealing demonic corpses?
While we have not seen much in regards to demons, the "demonic blood" trait seen in some of the videos suggest they do exist.
Granted it could be explained away by having them be more ethereal in nature. Not to uncommon for demons to poof into flame upon death.

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Meryk - Member

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