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Praxian Guard - Now recruiting [18+]


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The Praxian Guard


We are THE PRAXIAN GUARD, a North-American based Crowfall band-of-brothers looking to wage war at each other's side.


We have no ambition to rule over vast kingdoms or make claim to the throne. Our focus lies with each other and the battle before us. The Crowfall fealty and guild system will allow guilds to be part of other guilds. As such, we aspire for THE PRAXIAN GUARD to be a highly sought-after mercenary group which can be counted on to show up and change the tide of battle in any campaign in which we enlist.


Our current ambition is to bolster our roster with other crows able to participate in the Crowfall Alpha and Beta tests. Our long-term goal is grow THE PRAXIAN GUARD into a self sustained army worthy of deployment in campaigns from God's Reach to The Dregs and find glory on the battlefield for each other and our gods.


As Praxians, we enjoy the benefit of belonging to a larger community of gamers, allowing us make friends and play games other than our beloved Crowfall.


Find out more, such as our lore and an FAQ on our website.

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Really dig the website design! I wish you all the luck you can get. Would be nice to enlist in the Praxian Guard sometime in the future!





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