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Tee Shirt Designs for Fun!

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Here is some of the Tee Shirt Designs that I've come up with for Crowfall. If you wish for the full sized image so that you may contact a Print On Demand site to make a shirt for personal use, you're able to do so! Wear the shirts and spread the love! I'm not asking for any compensation, and this is a place for others to upload their Tee Shirt Designs too! Keep in mind the policies in place.


*Nothing here can be used for commercial gain. 

*The "Crowfall" logo CAN BE used so long as it's not defamed, distorted, changed, or altered. However the color CAN be changed.

*Understand that it's all UNOFFICIAL, and so expect no reimbursement or gain from ArtCraft Entertainment.

*This is just for fun, the artists cannot be held responsible for what other might do with the images. 






I have a transparent background version of this one, obviously wouldn't show up that well on white. :P

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I'm entirely in for the first design. Gotta add that to ugly christmas sweater this year.


Slap a chrismas hat on that red head and you are good to go ^^

Edited by IamMe


I love you all.



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Wow they're really awesome. It would be cool to have those images printed on ACE merchandise  ^_^

If you want any of those images that I have let me know. You can print them on a Tshirt for your personal use. All the image here are too small for printing. But I have the original image that is much larger and ready to be printed.





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