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What is your most favorite Archetype?


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  1. 1. What is your most favorite Archetype?

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Post What you want your role to be in Crowfall? Tank? DPS? Support? Full time Crafter? Transportation Specialist? Goods provider? Economist? I don't know, you tell me!


The purpose of the poll is to gauge who is the most favorite or anticipated archetype in Crowfall and to get an early look at what the community focus is on roles and to see where the shortfalls are.

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Top Posters In This Topic

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Stalker-hype ! Stalking deer that will explore all the map to spot POI, enemy positions and set up ambushes for caravans ? Count me in !   A scout with : - minimum viable combat abilities (not alon

I went with Frostweaver because, based on the lore and what bits of information I've scavenged, it looks the most interesting to me. Running so close behind that it may actually be even is the Stalker

I've not quite made up my mind on archetype yet as I'm still waiting to see what the finished products look like. But, just on appearance alone I'm leaning towards Stalker - because a deer that hunts

Full time Crafter? Transportation Specialist? Goods provider? Economist?


The poll you built will not identify players interested in these roles.

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The poll is to identify your most favorite archetype, you post what role you want to play. the reason for which I did not want to create an actual poll for the roles is because Crowfall is designed around the fact that you can play as you wish, that being said, there are too many possibilities to really want to make a poll out of it. So post what you want to be.

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Voted Frostweaver.



- I'm always looking for playing Elf in Heroic Fantasy settings

- I like the fact that they are arrogant, unpleasant people (always fun to play something we aren't in real life ^^)

- It's ranged/caster class, right? Even if it turns out to be a melee caster as some rumor says, I will be intrigued and will accept the challenge  B)

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I'm surprised no one has voted for confessor yet, I am personally hoping to roll a stalker. Ranged damage has been a recent favorite of mine accross several games and I can name him DeerJohn.

“The mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be kindled.”

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I'm really surprised at the lack of Minotaur love in this thread.

That said, I voted Templar, because Fury looks uh-mazing.

I'll also be playing a Confessor, but only because I want a Necromancer (crafting class) character and none of the other archetypes fit thematically.

I will make the best Frakensteins ever.

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I'd ideally like to play as a melee pet class (I really did love Puppetmaster/Beastmaster in FFXI and White Lion in WAR). The fact that Frostweaver is melee might make it even more interesting, so long as it is viable, effective, and possible.


Currently I'm planning on a hard druid support, likely investing early in whatever craft can help support me in that (potions, buff items, food, whatever) for my as of yet to be decided guild.

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