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Are "tax free parcels" superlots? Cells? SuperCells?

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This is taken from the Eternal Kingdom FAQ............


Eternal Kingdoms are very large! Much bigger than a typical MMO housing instance. The map of every kingdom is divided into a square grid at different resolutions.

As far as buildings are concerned, the smallest unit of measure is a LOT.

Each LOT is 8 meters by 8 meters in size.

Each SUPERLOT is 5 lots by 5 lots.

Each CELL is 5 superlots by 5 superlots.

Each SUPERCELL is 5 cells by 5 cells.

Each KINGDOM can be up to 5 supercells by 5 supercells.

(Note that the “supercell” and “superlot” designations are merely for convenience.  Buildings are sized in “lots” and land parcels are sized in “cells”).


  • A blacksmith shop might sit on 6 LOT footprint.
  • A dwarven keep might sit on a 7 CELL footprint.

Both footprints can be any arrangement of square lots or cells. Think of them strung together like tiles or a long Tetris piece.


My quesion is...

Where do the "TAX FREE PARCELS" that we got with our Kickstarter packages fall into??  Cells?  Superlots?

Anyone know the answer to this???


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Tax-free Kickstarter parcels are 1-cell Farmland parcels.


All parcels consist of one or more cells. The concepts of lots and superlots only apply to land within a parcel.

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