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Equipping the Ranger - Official discussion thread

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That is correct.  You can use the armor that you find, and the stats will be the same, but the cosmetic appearance will be specific to your archetype.   Todd ACE

A First Look at the equipment line-up and animation for the Ranger   FULL STORY

That animation was mocapped.  We had a martial arts guy come into our office and do that kata.  and then we spent months trying to figure out how to make it work in actual gameplay.  and eventually it

That's all the animation teaser we get!?! Serious blue balled there.


It's always strange for me since the ranger look awesome and has a cool play style (melee, range, stealth) but I still never play it for more than 10 mins. I think I'm just too drawn in by more in your face classes or a CC healer/support.


13 classes so to each their own. Can't wait to some of your being awesome with the ranger!

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TLDR: Amused bewilderment at how the headgear contradicts their ranger concept to the extent of an April Fool's day joke; headgear should come with a major hit to accuracy/stealth stats; should add additional animation for readjusting headgear for every action.


Okay, thoughts on the bow:


Keeps with the above concept; simple, but effective. Practical, but elegant. I approve. Not much more to say, fits the concept very well.


Thoughts on the helmet:


Tosses all of that out the 54th story window before taking a giant, steaming dump on it while jumping on their heavy metal crocodile and flying off into a black hole to fight the colonials. (Yeah. It makes that much sense.)


I mean HOLY MAEVE, that helmet looks gaudy!! It looks like some kindergartner's "cool" idea for a biker gang digimon. How in the world is that supposed to reflect "The strategy for the Rangers’ equipment lineup was to have it begin simply and organically, with elements that could feasibly be repurposed organic materials she’d foraged in the wilderness, not only wood but also bone and fur"?! She looks like she's auditioning for a KISS concert as their opening act at a bdsm convention, or a costume contest for furries with a bronze age gladiator fetish!


I hope that after every time she does all those flips and before she fires an arrow, there is a special animation where she has to take a moment to adjust her headgear that has undoubtedly slid over her eyes so that she can see her target/surroundings before being allowed to take another action.


Let me break it down: the headgear looks ridiculous. Especially for an "espionage and archery specialist." It makes no sense for someone who is trying to be stealthy or who uses archery.


On the stealth side: Anyone would only have to glance at her to realize what the hell she's up to, and the ostentatious design of the gear draws attention to her. Not only that, but the fact that it covers most of her periphery and limits her vision only is only the beginning of how ill-suited it is for stealth, where you need as much information about the surrounding environment as possible to plan your infiltration and avoid detection. If she were detected, I don't think she'd even be able to notice, her eyesight would be so compromised, she might as well be blindfolded!


On the other side of that coin, you certainly couldn't tell her identity, no siree. And having some covering for her face is nice for hiding in bushes with branches in your face. But GOOD GAEA, is the drastic limit to your situational awareness and garishness worth it. Plus the lurid use of resources to accomplish what a simple scarf can do, I mean, gods!


Now for the archery side: pretty much the same, she might as well be blindfolded for how much that thing will affect her accuracy. Like i said, every time she notches an arrow or moves to a different vantage point, there had better be an animation where she has to readjust (or better yet, remove) her helmet so she can see where she is pointing that thing.


Most headgear for archery (if they decided they wanted any) is designed to keep things out the eyes, like hair, the sun, etc, in order to keep vision clear so they could aim properly and precisely. The headgear of the ranger is doing a similar job...with incoming visual stimuli and information. I hope this gear comes with a major hit to her vision/aim stats, if not outright applying a blind debuff on her. And again, the egregious misplacement of resources for what a metal cap, scarf, headwrap, or even a sweatband could have accomplished is once again, laughable. (SPOILERS for GAME OF THRONES) She looks like Robb if the Red Wedding had a happy ending!!


The headgear's look is what i could have expected on the myrmidon, the champion, or similar heavy hitting and intimidating foes. The ranger shouldn't be trying intimidating anybody, in fact the opposite, she should be staying either out of sight or too far to even see her features. Her look would be appropriate on a gladiator in an arena, allowing him to focus only on his target without distraction, not a skirmishing survivalist of the wilds.


Cheers on the animations, looks fluid (if impractical) (course, I can only imagine what kind of a spill she'd have if she were wearing that headgear).

Edited by RKNM
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For the most part, I agree, I like the armor, but RKNM is sorta right here, the helmets don't fit a "Ranger". I disagree they look like a kindergartner's design (animal head designs aren't anything new) but besides the fact they don't fit the Ranger, they add other problems. I feel the Ranger has been too closely tied to wolves. I get it, the Ranger is a callout to Game of Thrones with Jon Snow's "direwolf" but the wolf imagery is too much. It's less like the ranger has its own identity and is just "The wolf man" class. Wolf bows, wolf pet, wolf necklace, wolf helmet, it's too much. 

Biggest issue I see is variety. You can't JUST do wolves. And in truth, you can't JUST do 2 or 3 animals. If you go down this path of "A bear helmet", "A wolf helmet", a "Hawk helmet", then we get into the territory of players wanting Sabertooth helmets, dragon helmets, griffon helmets, rhino helmets, etc. What seems like a good design choice now will seriously hinder your design team later down the line. You guys wanted maybe 4-5 armor variants per archetype, and if you do this many helmets, not everyone will be happy. Sure "Fenrir the Wolfblood" will be happy, but if someone like me with "Lion" themed armor can only choose between a bear or wolf gear, it seems kinda unfair and in truth just detracts from the rest of the class. Like I said, (sorry if this is me stepping over my bounds telling you what you want for your game but...) you are going for a stealthy hunter class with the ranger, not "Wolf Lord" which is an option, but meant for disciplines/pets/etc. not the archetype itself.

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Also, I DESPERATELY hope they include a toggle helmet option...seems like such a waste, they have a gorgeous character model, only for the equipment to cover 100% of it (in some lurid brinze animal head)

Edited by RKNM
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I'm an old cranky grandpa

Yeah we get it's "not your thing" but to rant for that long seems like you have some deep emotional childhood trauma to work through lol


There are several cultures that utilize masks and ornate helmets. So this isn't some crazy out from left idea. Also this IS just a video game. You know, one where we have pistol toting rodents and pointy eared mythological ice weavers!



Edited by Keaggan
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I don't hate the helmet design, but whether or not it fits with the ranger is going to depend on how they do the texture for each armor type.  I would expect cloth and leather armor to be directly crafted from the elements they discussed in the article (hide, bone, wood, etc).  Whereas I would expect chain/scale and plate to be baseline like other armors but ornately covered in the natural elements.  Whether or not peripheral vision is affected would depend on armor class and how the masks eye holes were designed.  Based on the concept art I don't see as much of a problem as RKNM implies in his post.  Overall I quite enjoy the designs.

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Love the bow and armor progression.

Love the animation you shared.

Dislike the fancy helmets. You should salvage that art and give it to the Druid. The Ranger should have a very simple helmet that provides uninterrupted peripheral vision.  Just my 2 cents.

I still plan on playing the Ranger, but will ditch/hide the helmet in-game.


         http://crowfall.shivtr.com/  The Lantern Watch - A Crowfall-first guild. Welcome Home.

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i'mma 10 year old COD child who doesn't need explanantions

Okay! So what level/stage do I get my wildebeast hoverbike? After all, it IS a game, it doesn't have to have any rhyme or reason, yay aesthetics! :D


PS - I like to explain myself in full. Do i have to - forsomepeopletonotmisunderstandbecausethisistheinternet: yes! (•_•) / ( •_•)>⌐■-■ / (⌐■_■)

Edited by RKNM
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Anyone remember what I think was the very first Shadowbane animation demo?  It was an elf Bladeweaver doing a dual-wield kata (martial arts form).  At the time it was jaw-dropping, but times have changed and it isn't nearly as impressive as this Crowfall Ranger doing flips.

Well done!  :D


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