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Simple Toolbar icon addition to speed learning curve

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It occurred to me that visual indicators on the ability toolbar could help newcomers remember what abilities do what and how and thus improve the retention of people who try the game because they find it easier to understand.


This suggestion is specifically directed at the different TYPES of ability moves that each class has but could be applied to assist intuitive controls across all systems in the game.


EXAMPLE: Icons for "click and hold to charge" abilities should all have an identifiable border around them that indicate this ability can be charged by clicking and holding the button. Moves that will trigger combo options can also have a unique border design that indicate activation of this button will lead to choices. Icons for each move are great identifiers when you already know what a move does and how it works, but when you're learning it actually does nothing.


This will take the art team a couple of hours to design and no complex systems to implement but would make the game more welcoming to new players and improve the chances of retaining players who can learn faster.

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I know devs never give credit to individuals who make suggestions that get taken and implemented, but I'm sooooo glad to see they took this and did at least part of it. Great job Billy Garretsen!


I would still like to see something in the icon that indicates the method of implementation (IE. press and hold to charge and combo moves)

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