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Hello All

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Hey Guys,


Been a lurker for awhile now, looking to get myself more actively involved in the community. I've been playing MMOs now for roughly 15 years, looking for a new one to call home. I've mostly played SWG, DAOC, Warhammer Online (RIP  :( ) and WoW, but have tried nearly every MMO under the sun. I really like the unique ideas and direction that Crowfall is going after what seemed like an eternity of WoW clones, it's great to see something new. Anyway, I'm looking forward play testing (upgrading to Gold this week with my tax refund) with you guys when I get chosen to.


Artumesprime - Prospect

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Welcome! I came to Crowfall for the very same reason because it's just playing WoW with same story line now for most MMOs. Loved the changing campaigns and the idea of playing by different ruleset everytime. And so far I'm not disappointed with my decision :). Hope to see you in the tests!

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