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Duelist question

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So, I've been thinking about how the website says that duelist is specialist. i was curious if you would think he would be more of a support or a damage dealer after the fact that his main thing is to tunnel. i would assume damage dealer, but a few people have been saying otherwise to me. I'm very curious of this. does anyone have any in thoughts on whether a duelist should be considered a support or damage dealer? this may be a stupid or repeated question. sorry if it is.

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   I imagine the duelist/specialist to do things other then simply damage.   That they'd fill a more utility role; such as perhaps working to distract/debuff an enemy.  I'm hardly an expert on the duelist so please take this with a grain of salt.  Also keep in mind that archetypes can change rather drastically in how they operate.  And if you took the effort to find out information to enrich yourself, don't be sorry.


Very Respectfully,


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It's my understanding that any archetype that is labeled as DPS will do significant DPS. All other archetypes (tanks, support and specialists) will do less dps. So most likely the duelist will be closer to the knight and legionnaire in terms of dps, but their burrowing ability will provide them with a unique role.

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Duelists are a specialist archetype. They're not a DPS role and they're not a support role. We don't yet know exactly what specialist means and we'll all find out at the same time.

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