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What type of Movement System would you like to see?!

How do you like to move in MMOs?!  

455 members have voted

  1. 1. How do you like to move in this game?!

    • WSAD (With Mouse View)
    • Arrow Keys
    • Mouse (Point and Click)
    • Something totally different (please post what that would be below!)

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WASD and a hopefully a combat system similar to Chivalry: Medieval Warfare.  3rd person and first person views would be nice but if we must choose I would go with first person.


I wouldn't mind mandatory first person.  Though, I'd prefer some form of hybrid, fps reticle stuff for ranged, and third person for melee.

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WASD so I can change it to my ESDF and free up more keys for keybinds

WASD with mouselook.  I'm hoping for a hard mouselook lock too, ESO or Tera style.  But with soft-lock targeting to trigger fighting game style abilities/combos.  Full active player dodging/parrying/b

WSAD sucks.

While every past MMO that tried to do FPS/TPS mechanics in a large PvP scaled game has failed, I won't give up on the dream, dammit. Some day, somewhere, someone will make an MMO that uses WASD/Mouse but isn't "tab-targeted". With some luck, it will even be good.


Not likely, but here's to hope.

Planetside 2 is a great example of MMOFPS done right.  There's no reason it couldn't translate to a fantasy setting.

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Point and click, like eSport MOBAs DotA and LoL.


It's also why I really enjoyed SB. Probably won't play if this game has WASD control and jumping, because there's just no reason for them (an RPG isn't an FPS). Point and click also requires plenty of twitch skills, so long as the game is programmed for it, as in eSport games.

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The discussion so far is if it should be action combat or not. However, the camera nor movement has really been addressed at all by the developers either. I remember when Shadowbane was in development and the developers said they chose click to move because it used less bandwidth. It was annoying then and the bandwidth issue shouldn't really be an issue now. I really hope they don't go down that route. It could be even worse and they could use an isometric camera. The isometric camera and point and click to movement aren't intitutive for an MMO and aren't immersive by any measure. I hope they are both left to the MOBA genre and history where they belong.

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I agree, click to move reduced battlefield maneuvering making the game a huge chess match where players spent more time trying to get where they needed to be, and Isometric while enhancing battlefield awareness distanced a player to such a degree as to make it seem like you weren't really in a mmo, but more like you were playing Diablo


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as i said in the SB forums...


why not both?


in SB you could zoom in to first person helmet cam, or out to a good distance as well as pan 360' and go from ground level to directly above


as for movement, click to move or wasd...i don't care which...but at least make us have to click to target...


let the Code build the World and it's Laws....let the Players build the rest...

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