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ACE Q&A for February: Currency & skills - Official discussion thread


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I like Todd's description of the skill system.

Time is a currency and maybe for the first time in 10 years of fantasy MMORPGs, choices made actually do matter (which skills are trained first).


I do think though that this addition has to be valued.

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one’s ability to accumulate and transfer currencies more efficiently than other players.


Awesome definition of what skill is. Now I will look at games differently for the rest of my life. Awesome!  :D  :wub:

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I think I have a better understanding of why ACE is putting so many skills into the skill tree now. It certainly is refreshing seeing from the point that people can master their own specific playstyle instead of in general MMOs people choose skills to walk down a more general path such as Tank, and Crafting. Instead, Crowfall is making it have more branch to make people be able to master a more specific transfer. I really liked that idea! Thanks for the update ACE.


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I think what I'm going to take away most from this Q&A is that players...are monkeys. Also, monkey archetype confirmed.

Monkey thug life.


Did you call this guy @JTodd ;)

---Great questions tho.

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This has been my favorite video you've ever released. Your explanation of currency and effort is worth all of the money I've spent on Crowfall so far. This is the way I've thought about games since I started playing MMOs and I've never heard a developer put it into words before.


It's the reason why I switched from a very pvp focused mindset to a crafting/economic one and also the reason why having a robust economic game is important. Crafting play isn't just about the satisfaction of making things but, it's the complexity of optimization. In pvp you have a small set of variables that take a finite period of iteration to master. With crafting and economy you have potentially infinite variables. Even if the game had no graphics, the numbers alone would be interesting enough to keep me playing.


Bravo ACE

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Thanks JTodd and TBlair for the explanation, I have been sponging up every piece of credible information on skills since ya'll put out the Vessels System update.


It is reassuring that you cared enough to explain the working theory behind the construction of your skills modules, and I am looking forward to testing your ideas when the time comes.


However I must reserve judgement until I see for myself, that what looks like a river of fun at thirty thousand feet, doesn't look like a river of tears from ground level.


Looking forward to jumping into the deep end,

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Ok so my question is about the actual end of the world in the campaigns. What happens to the worlds when the campaign is over? Do you just get logged out is there some catastrophic event where the world starts to break apart or what?


Hopefully a 45 minute cut scene of the winning side's mvp tbagging a pile of corpses that you cannot ESC out of.

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