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Knight Archetype Page Internal Server Error

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Good Afternoon,


The Knight Archetype page does not appear to be functioning. Getting this error:


500 Internal Server Error

  • Code: InternalError
  • Message: We encountered an internal error. Please try again.
  • RequestId: F8BAC5CDEEF3E269
  • HostId: 8RxWEv0isz4s7o+Vq4GqBjsRxWSEffACB/duna9/v7MgE/wevVu7xhUEuuDNXcTKsZf+5JdeT80=


It appears to be the only page experiencing the issue (I tested them all). This was viewed on a Chrome Browser (same error on IE).


EDIT: Works now.

Edited by Arclyte
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