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Pannderings: Playing for keeps - Official discussion thread


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This is gorgeous  :wub:


I just noticed something... WATER! H​2O​! Dihydrogen Monoxide!  We can finally drink water soiled with our enemies blood! Today is a glorious day...








He'll be so disappointed....



You Can't Be A Genius, If You Aren't The Slightest Bit Insane.

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These new screenshots look awesome! Loving the stone textures, but the ground texture from the path now needs an upgrade!  ;)




I totally told Gordon i would love to have stones stood out from Walls and Ways   :D

Now the stones only need to be a bit more individual.



...we gonna have a...



Pardy Pardy!


After EverQuest Next is gone, its Star Citizen for me.


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Great job, very cool to see the pipeline in demo. I am looking forward to what can be accomplished by the players with these tools to craft multiple worlds to visit.


As a side note, I know there was a video talking about players arranging structures like Legos which the team could then use in campaigns, but now I wonder it there will be a potential for player designed campaign maps. Maybe for private wars etc. Would have to be no export probably but still could be interesting.

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Now this is an update! The parcel system is brilliant and is going to give you guys a lot of bang for your buck on art assets while also making the campaigns unique.


Lots of good decisions being made early in this game's development. Keep it up!

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