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Pax Venator - Hunting the Hunter

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I already wonder how often I'll actually see you when we start running into the game together, Hobs. I'm going to have to put a kitty bell on you, I just know it. 



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"...lurker to the max."


Does that translate to games as well - will you be stealthing about with me using a Ranger?   ;) 



Well... unless they revert  back to actual stealth, you won't be stealthing "about" anywhere except in place on that Ranger!


But then... I'll probably be standing right there with you because #stealthlife


Chapter Leader


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Ah, but there was this line in "First Look: Ranger Powers & UI"...


"There are disciplines that will grant them access to additional stealth powers, if this is an area where they want to specialize."

Edited by Hobs
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It does make me wonder how the assassin's stealth will work. I doubt it will be a stationary stealth for obvious reasons but will it be more old school creeping slowly around stealth or stealth that has a duration. Though, thinking about it, duration stealth wouldn't make a whole lot of sense in Crowfall in my own opinion. 



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Out of curiosity, is there any organized attempt at fielding teams during test?


I've been playing a bit in siege.  It would be nice to have some company


"The cinnabar is a lie"

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I joined this crew recently and I like the group that has been gathering inside their gaming circle to play this game. I am player of shadowbane(mourning server) and these folks will play to crush with the best of them here. Look forward to seeing you all when the seasons turn frigid and food becomes scarce in the lands!

In winter, I plot and plan. In spring, I move. - Henry Rollins

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Honestly, Rohe and I haven't been pushing much to organize anything yet.  Her computer can't really run the test well in it's rather unoptimized state.  I prefer a more persistent gaming experience so I haven't been participating much in the testing other than the occasional for S&G.



If there is a lot of interest in putting something together, however, I could organize something.

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Bump for the PAX Community :) Not a member but I've gotten to know Cyneric and others from games and converstaion and they really are a great group of people. 10/10 would play Stellaris with them again only to have my people become slaves.

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