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RIP Tully?


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Did he give the kitten back to Mr. Blair?!

Mr. Blair will miss him I think.

Dont worry, you still gut us lousy bunch of good for nothings!   :)

I dont know if this is a good thing though   ö.ö

After EverQuest Next is gone, its Star Citizen for me.


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Yeah, it's sad, but unfortunately it turns out that you can't chain people to their desks and make them work for you forever. (I looked it up.)


Seriously, though, we will miss Tully, but I'm happy that we were the company that allowed him to transition from community management into design, which was always his goal.  We wish him all the best in his new adventure!


His replacement started last week, and you'll meet him soon.



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Probably part of why Alpha 2.0 is slated for late March now.


Maybe it changed, but last time I read something about Alpha 2.0 it was still planned mid March. Also they're making most of the things way in advance, so I doubt the recent departure of Tully changed something to the March schedule.

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