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Hey Murder community!


I am a retired senior gamer. (old fart)


Gaming has always fascinated me right from the early arcade games. Space Invaders and PacMan. I think I got hooked when on my very first try of Space Invaders I took out the high score ... much to my family's annoyance. Ha! 


After that my children would come home and tell me that their friends wanted to know what happens at the end of Diddy Kong or what happens at the end of Warcraft version 1, 2 and 3.


Decades later, here I am hoping that a game development team can strike that enthusiasm chord that we have all experienced at one time or another.


I'm into chilling out and having fun these days.


I like tea and coffee. Hot or cold. Maybe a nice scotch here or there ... yep love being able to have a good laugh.


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Can't help but think Reggae as soon as I hear Jamaica.

I used to talk on CB (citizen band) radio all over the world. Every time I hit Jamaica or West Indies particularly we always ended up talking cricket. I dunno why because I hardly watch it. :rolleyes:


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