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Save the Kittens - [Kittens]

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On 1/18/2019 at 4:42 PM, mandalore said:

Have they even been playing since August?

Good question.  I hate guilds but this one has me a smidge interested.  Discord is valid and seems to be active, at least.

Okay, half that was true, upon further inspection.  The bot program is still running, I dunno about anything else :P

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Save the Kittens - [Kittens] - Guild F.A.Q.     Can you please describe Save the Kittens - [Kittens] in few words? Save the Kittens is a social guild aimed to give support to

We finally have a guild logo!!! Now that the logo is up, the next thing is to set up a good homepage.

Nice idea and a needed element for any healthy community!   Good luck in building the guild!

I will say I have not been invited yet.  This guild premise is what I'm looking for, as my playing time will be limited, but I'd like to be with others to help me along, and help along others when I can.  This game is complex, so there will be a learning curve.  All the other guilds seem to consider casual 30-40 hours a week, and I can't make that kind of commitment.  In any event, if anyone knows of a group looking for the very casual player. put out the word.

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