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Lantern Watch Lantern Festival


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Walking into the street you see hundred of floating lanterns being released into the sky, Lanterns at their feet as well the entire day from morning until night Lanterns I loosed into the sky. As people walk about with Lanterns regardless of whether thay are needed or not. 

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A lonely crow walks down the road roundabout midnight. All these lights. All this noise. Does this mean that it already has been a year? Not as if it would matter to a crow. Or as if light and noise hasn't been there through all the year. But hey, nevertheless it sounds like a kind of sign. Hope i got out of the way until it really starts. Light and noises are not the favorites of old crows. And tomorrow will be a new day. With new challenges. Thats life. Or death, in our case. ;) 

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Meanwhile in town, a "younger" and more festive crow named Peter downed another pint of mead. The inn was full of Watch members hiding their weary spirits from the world behind a veil of drink and company and song. Just outside the window a fresh batch of lanterns floated down the river.


A centuar was trying to explain to him how the festival first came about. Typical.

"A festival for Hero, ya say!?" Peter chuckled. "Bah, I've been told those Rangers started this, or their friends, celebrating their return from those gods-forsaken hellholes after the hunger's turned them to nought but ice. I've been told it's a way of keeping the gods out of our affairs and out of our home- as if some paper candles would stop them. I'll tell you this, and I'd know- I've always worked for them, even in the true life- They simply don't care, long as we do their dirty work for them. No reason to piss off your workers more than need be, right?"


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