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A Crowfall World - Official thread for entries


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These actually looked way better when they were big. Then I saw "Cannot be bigger than 400x400 pixels." Damn. Oh well~


Here are my three entries. Was fun thinking about them.




Crowfall getting too awesome for Atlas to carry. Mini-Crow helps keep it Rated G. - Work of Art




Mount Rushmore has their eyes on something. - Landmark




It's born! - Work of Art (Not sure it counts, but it was cute.)

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This is pure gold - all of it.


Edit_1: Well, this happens if you post before you read Pann's comment at the start lol. How to delete post...


Edit_2: Ha, quick gimp/photoshop action:



Edited by Illara


,,...You get killed over and over again, that doesn't mean the game is unbalanced - it means that You are a bad player" -JTC

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