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A Crowfall World - Official thread for entries


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Pretty sure all the copy written images are not going to qualify, Disney is especially vicious about controlling their IP.

I think that only matters if you are profiting from the image. Just a mention like this is fine. For example the Oscar is fiercely guarded and owned by The Academy but media can use the image when talking about them or the show or if someone just mentions an Oscar they are fine with it. 


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I could not resist.


#1 The first crowlympic game





#2 The official symbol of the no-hunger-dome discipline. My personal Point of Interest. For i am a sportsman.





#3 Awaiting crowd. 109,907 backers, fooling around while waiting for the game to begin.




A creative game with a creative community and even a creative director. What more could a gamer ask for. Maybe except of


let the game begin!

Nicely DONE! 


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I'm suprised nobody thought about "Krähen auf einem Baum" of Caspar David Friedrich (The Tree Of Crows)

So here is it   :P

CasparDavidFriedrichTheTreeofCrows320x24       Original :   CasparDavidFriedrichTheTreeofCrows320x26


Click on the image to see the original size :)


Now i'm thinking about two more ideas ^^

Edited by furling


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I am waiting for the pic that shows CF as the unholy lovechild of Eve Online, Game of Thrones and the Walking Dead.  Kind of like Daenerys being molested by a zombie while riding the back of a Raven Battleship.  Might have to put some Dev faces in there to.

not excatly your thoughts, but a great idea...




"..aber Amarok!, es sind doch nur 3 Bilder zugelassen!?..

Ist mir egal!.."

Amarok, Gott des Nordlandes zu einem Sterblichen


PS: can you find Todd and Gorden? ^^

Edited by Amarok
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I made a point of not looking at any entries before I worked on my ideas with my limited skills in GIMP.  Anyway I see someone else already had one of my ideas  :( but I will post it anyway since it took me forever working on it  :P.  


I present my entries:


1. Creation of Crowfall.




2.  Eiffelcrow Tower.




3.  Crowfall Island.





I am most proud of 3  :D .


Edit - Adjusted images contest size.

Edited by GRiPSViGiL
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