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Shadowbane guilds going to dominate this game?

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Man Sheen, you're still looking at it from the perspective on an outsider.


Most SB guilds max at 30-40 core members. That's not exactly large enough to be known as leet in most other MMORPGs.


Besides, why would we stick around in games where we can't burn your house down when we could play one where that's an option?


That's perfectly fine vandarr, i'm asking if for Crowfall we can stop with all the excuses as to why SB players haven't dominated other games.  Can we agree that in Crowfall SB players will either dominate or they will be incapable of dominating?  And if they fail to dominate can we just not have all the same tired excuses they've been making for years? 



The thing about the 'sb community' is that it is so small, that many of us really don't like our respective digital opponents :P


and why ally with someone when you can kill them? Killing is so much more fun

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On 1/7/2015 at 2:12 AM, Cash said:

If this game ends up being like a shadowbane 2....


How long do you think it will take for the SB guilds to run the rest of the carebears off the game?

I`m training assassin mastery 49% - Attack Power, Critical hit chance, Health regen: Out of combat! :) yeah I believe this is the closest game we can call SB 2 - you need to be prepared before the ultimate pvp class is designed, and it will have stealth & tracking skill powers! `grin` 

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On 1/7/2015 at 2:14 AM, mourne said:

Hopefully a really long time so that there is a lasting population...


But seriously, this is why I'm hoping there actually isn't some gigantic Shadowbane super-nut-cup-alliance right out of the gate.  Different SB guilds forming up different coalitions etc. is another matter.

Yeah, but I bet someone are already planning out allies for this game - it would not surprise me at all even though it`s a very early stage of game development.  

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