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Crowfall | Character Creation & Class Gameplay (Pre-Alpha 1.1)


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Hello Everyone,


My name's Elmzy and as well as being a Crowfall backer I also spend a fair amount of time producing gaming content for YouTube.


During the recent Pre-Alpha 1.1 Combat Tests I decided to capture some footage that may be of interest to those who are keen to see how the game's shaping up so far! In the video below you'll get the chance to see the current character creation system, gameplay from all 4 of the available archetypes in the Hunger Dome and a brief glimpse at some of the skill trees.


YouTube Link: https://youtu.be/Iiy1XRo0IvM


I've also been taking some screenshots from the Pre-Alpha tests which you're more than welcome to check out here http://imgur.com/a/OcbPQ!


I'll continue to add new screenshots to that album as time goes on and will also be creating many more videos of Crowfall as it progresses through development.


Enjoy! (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ

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Video is alright, the quality is good but for me it just lacks uniqueness it's not really any different than any other crowfall videos about the classes, you could have split the videos into four and talked in a little more detail about how to combo the moves together and such, gets a little boring watching someone just run around around, and after browsing through a couple of your other videos on your channel I noticed that you're intro is built well into them but it's rather generic I know it's something that isn't easy to work on, but having a really unique intro can really set your channel apart from every other wannabe youtuber on the net, I'm not saying that your videos are bad, also pet peeve but i'm going to type it anyway names with -zy at the end and tv at the end of their usernames just remind me of CoD players, was suprised however not to see a channel full of 360 no scope mgl 1v1 me m9 videos, i know you're partnered with curse and you have some popular mac videos.

TL;DR Not trying to be a gripe, but a little extra can set you aside from every other wannabe youtuber

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Thanks a lot for the reply OnyxOctopus! It wasn't something that was expecting but I really appreciate it and this is exactly the kind of feedback that I need! At this stage I can't do much about my username but will definitely take on your other suggestions for future videos!


I'm conscious that the intro could use some work but it's hard to find a balance between being entertaining and informative while appealing to all ages. I don't want to come across as a PewDiePie clone purely because I wouldn't want to copy his style and equally I don't want to come across like TotalBiscuit who is IMO is geared towards the more experienced/mature gamer.


Separate videos showing off each of the available archetypes, their powers and gameplay styles is now on my list and I'll try to get something together for that over the next few playtests!

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