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A late introduction is better than no introduction at all !

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Greetings friends (and future foes !)


My name is Max, i'm 25 from France, pleased to meet you ! first of all sorry for my English, i'm still learning and will sometime make horrible mistakes :wacko: 


I pledged to Crowfall in late 2015, yet i olny do my presentation now (silly me :rolleyes:)


I've been playing MMORPG since Anarchy Online, and, well, pretty much (almost) every MMORPG since AO (WoW, AoC, L2, T4C, Wildstar, GW, GW2, TSW, EvE, Cabal, Tera, Aion, Archeage, Rift, PSO, PSO2, EQ, EQ2, Defiance, Teso, FireFall, FFXI, FFXIV, Neverwinter, Lineage, L2, Lotro, RFO, Allods...) you can say that i am a video-game-alcoholic, anyway, sadly i never found something that will keep me going on and on and on, Crowfall video was a "revelation" for me, everything i ever dreamed of in one game ? i really hope Crowfall will make it and you can be sure i will be here to help !


Until next time,

Max "Warpten".


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Hello my friend   ö.ö/


Oh you have much MMO experience I see.

Lets hope Crowfall will be what the genre really needs, a huge innovative improvement in quality and immersion.

Edited by Urahara

After EverQuest Next is gone, its Star Citizen for me.


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Thanks for the welcome guys !



I confess, i had a period of time switching game after game, which wasn't healty for the market (and my wallet too :rolleyes:) but now i'm focused on less quantity, but better quality, hence why i'm here :lol:


Crossing finger Crowfall will be the "savior" !


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Welcome.  You write far better English than I write French, so no need for apologies.  :)

Hopefully Crowfall will be what many of us have been waiting for after a decade of WoW clones.


Hello and thanks ^_^


Nice to meet you, have you gotten your hands on BDO yet? How about Vindictus?


Nice to meet you too ! yes i'm currently playing on EU - Jordine, name's Warpten, about Vindictus it never crossed my mind to play it :wacko:


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