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Pack Animal Suggestion


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I am desperately hoping the pack animals are larger animals that can follow you around, leading them in caravans and individually for trade and wealth movement, I enjoy the notion of varied pack animals and love the art for the pack pig. I came here to suggest a PACK YAK, this would be similar to the pack pig except a YAK, please make this a thing I would buy it, also might I suggest looking to the Himalayas for art inspiration. 




Anyone has any other suggestions for witty pack animals please post them, I enjoy the idea too much for some reason. 

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I have no doubt cosmetic pack-animal skins will be sold. Also, if there is no pack-cat, there will be a riot (and a concerning deficit in the ACE financing). See; DOTA 2 cat pet.


Also, welcome to the forums. Thankyou for suggesting something useful!

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Might I interest you in a low-interest mortgage?

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seriously? noone?




shame on you folks!


We were waiting on you to give the best ideas.


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