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What Are The Best Qualities Of Your Other Games?


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What do you (all) think were/are the absolute best (top 2 or 3 Only) qualities of other games that you have played?


For Example:


SHADOWBANE (my first mmo): the character creationreal racial differences (Aracoix!, Minotaur!, etc.) and guild warfare (sieges, mine fights, etc..)


AGE of CONAN: the story, the graphics, and FATALITIES!  :-)


STAR WARS: The Old Republic: the story, graphics (i really liked the style of the graphics), and space themed as a change from fantasy


GUILD WARS 2auto down level to the zone (love this feature!), variety of weapons and play style for each class (torch? warhorn? etc.)


ELDER SCROLLS ONLINE: all weapons/armor available, character advancement (the skill morph options)


CROWFALL:  very exciting... 



what do you think?

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Shadowbane - PK anyone, make people cry, 7 hour banes, asset destruction, advanced character customization, furies.

Shadowbane - Aflac 
Advocates of Evil - RIP

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Shadowbane - Talk poorly made socks get hit mentality, mad pvp/politics, awesome variety of builds, skillful pvp


Darkfall - Full loot, open world pvp, skill based, politics


Archeage - Tons of poorly made socks to do, small scale pvp fairly fun

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