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Hey guys I just became a backer I saw this game while looking up new or in development MMOs and this caught my attention straight away the idea just fascinated me, hope we can all have a great time on testing and once the game is out.


And I'll just post some info about me: My name is Guillermo Caballero but in the gaming world I'm refered as Buzzard or Boozlord, and I come fromAsuncion, Paraguay, I am currently following my degree here in the United States. I have been a gamer since I was 3 years old until the present day about to turn into 20 on 20th lol. I was looking to be part of a MMO for sometime, but I wanted a new world a fresh experience where most of us are going to actually be starting our journey and it seems I found the right place to do so.



Just one quick question since now I'm a backer what do I have to do in order to get into the testing that is scheduled tomorrow? If I am eligible for it which I'm not totally sure. Thanks and nice to meet you all!



Edit: Liked the game so much from all that I have seen that I upgraded myself to Gold.

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3 years and already a gamer? Good stuff!


Depending on your pledge package, I believe you will get an email notificaiton on when you can play / download instructions.  The people who would be elgibile are Alpha 1 and Alpha 2 backers I believe for the current sessions. I'm an Alpha 3 myself so I've no experience on the process yet.


Welcome to the community though and hope you enjoy yourself! welcome.gif

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Welcome to Crowfall! I'm sure you'll enjoy your time here :)


To be more clear, you would have to buy the 2016 Gold Package ($179) to be in the next playtest that gets scheduled, if you buy the next package down you should be invited in short order.

Do not wish it is easier, wish you were better.

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