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Any players who actually like Game of Thrones, too?

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So it has been a while since I uploaded my video of the OST, "Winter is Here" on my channel:




I recall how J Todd talked about how Crowfall is meant to have the Game of Thrones vibe while keeping in the survival aspect of the Walking Dead. After hearing much talk of Game of Thrones from my peers and classmates, I stumbled upon the intro theme for the show on YouTube:




As I listened carefully to the track and eyed the opening graphics, the string ensemble for "Winter is Here" is reminiscently similar to how the Game of Thrones opening begins. Additionally, the bird's eye view of the geography of the land reminds me of how much the territories of the Crowfall universe is vastly familiar when it comes to our own kingdoms or the lands of the campaigns.


For somebody who hasn't watched an episode of the show, I'd say fans of the show who also game will be incredibly welcomed to try out Crowfall for themselves once the game launches. This is just from my own perspective, but what do you guys think?


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I think when they refered to game of thrones they were merely using it as a reference with it being such a global product even people who don't watch the show know of game of thrones, much like if you utter the words "world of warcraft" everyone has heard those words whether they have played it or not

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Well Crowfall's entire inspiration was "Game of Thrones: The Game, done right". They've wanted it to be the game of thrones game no one has ever been able to capture. The official one had terrible graphics and just wasn't very well put together, Genesis was okay but lacked the personal connection to characters and story, Telltale was a great game storywise but lacked the action of what a GoT game should be, and Ascent...well that was just meant to be a mobile game. All of these titles had good and bad elements, but lacked the key components to tie it together.

J Todd Coleman and Gordon Walton set out to take the great action, the intrigue, but give the players the chance to make the story and in turn "build a world". They are giving us the playing pieces and game board, but saying, "You make the alliances, the treaties, the wars, we are just here to watch and play with all of you". 

As for the theme, it was made by Nelson Everhart and although a lot of his songs sound similar (look at the entire Wizard and Pirate101 soundtracks), he is good at capturing themes. And likely what J Todd Coleman told him was "Make something like you would for Wizard101 but sound similar to the Game of Thrones theme" and in turn that was the product.

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