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Not your ordinary guild! Plans for the future!


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Hello everyone,


My name is Slayus & I'm here to talk to you all about my plans for the future. I currently run a channel on Twitch where I have a small community built around streaming a large variety of games. When I found Crowfall on Kickstarter over a year ago it instantly spoke to me. I watched the concept video and I just got it. What I'm most excited about is the Eternal Kingdoms. The reason is that it will give me a HUGE platform to interact with my viewers on a much more personal level.


The Plan:


Once Crowfall has a more constant schedule (Probably end of 2016) I'll be transitioning into a dedicated Crowfall community/channel. A guild will be formed to bring all the community members and channel viewers together.


We will create a central Eternal Kingdom around the guild/community where land will be given out to the most dedicated members which will then be distributed to others.


If you are also a streamer on Twitch who will be focusing on Crowfall, we would love to have you join us! We can help each other grow and unite our communities under one name!




A community where Twitch streamers & viewers can band together to create one giant community/guild. Work towards common goals and dominate the campaigns to gain fame & wealth!


Additional Info:


While my channel currently has a name for our community, the guild/joined community name is still being decided. You can always head to my Twitch channel (http://www.twitch.tv/slayus) and type !crowfall for more information about that.


Contact me by sending me a message through this site or stop by my channel on a day that I'm streaming. I stream every Mon, Wed, Fri & Sat.


Hope to talk with you soon & see you in game!


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