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Pre-Alpha 2.0: Siege Perilous overview - Official discussion thread

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Exciting times! The Tree of Life artwork is delicious for the eyes.


I've been looking at it for weeks now, I cant stop! Something about it!

Edited by tierless

I role play a wordsmith.


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If you really wanted to make this interesting ACE should add another team to represent 'Balance'.


I will gladly represent this team ;)



"Balance, the Troll Faction."


I'm a fan of that side too. Playing the side the keeps flip flopping back and forth so NO ONE wins thus winning yourself. That's a pretty sweet dynamic.


You still took some time to sleep and eat, right? :P

You're not hardcore if you sleep! Everyone knows that courant! :P Edited by Keaggan

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Keaggan - I'm sure there are many 'crows' who enjoy fighting on multiple fronts. The more elements thrown into a conflict only make the fights that more interesting and exciting.  Not sure about 'flopping back and fourth concept, thats not my style but I do partially agree with your statement.  Keeping two factions at bay and maintaining harmony between both sides and across campaign worlds IS a pretty sweet dynamic. 


Till later!



Edited by ralin_ironwolf

The Balance - Nation of Equilibrium

"You can run but you'll DIE tired.."

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I second (er... Third? Fourth?) the notion of a Balancd faction. 3 parties instead of 2 makes a TON of difference, and would be the start of testing the multi-faction campaigns gameplay.

This post brought to you by...
Lephys. Because everything's better with a smile facepalm.

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