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[Game] Find the 10 differents

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Hello Crowfall-Community,


first i have so say is sorry for my very bad English, i hope you can understand me :P.


As a special Thanks @Herithius for the very great and wonderful art-work and Web-Site, i create this little game for all the guys with a little while of boredom. :wub:


The rules are very simple:

  • You must find the 10 different in the red framed picture.
  • There are no simple pixel, contrast or brightness changes
  • All different are very visible and content of the image.


Klick the Image for a better representation


Fell free too post all different found in a hidden Spoiler! ;)


So ..have fun and enjoy the little game :lol:


So here is the Picture:


Edited by feuerwehr


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lol wtf, challange accepted




1 = 3rd barrel missing the middle belt

2 = middle lantern is missing that thing emits light on right side

3 = maggies precious brew ---> maggies preious brew

4 = wall doesnt have a crack on the left top side (and left bottom side)

5 = ox on the right doesnt have his brew filled in 2nd image



Edited by Eren

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thanks feuerwehr, great job again. the 10th is a tough one. xD



there is a missing line within the wooden frame of this picture (und the champs mug)



if you want to see more of feuerwehrs spot-the-difference puzzles, you might take a look here (in german).

Edited by Kraahk


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Let's make it fancy ^^ 






All found by myself. Only took the hint from Kraahk; not where it is on the object in question, just that it IS on the object in question.

Really thought that area was off limits :/.



Edited by IamMe


I love you all.



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