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Does this mean I get two copies of the game


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yes, you have 2 copies


I don't know whether you can gift the digital copy... did you unpack your amber already? It should tell you what's giftable and what's not

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You do get 2 keys to the game. You can also gift the collectors edition. I unpacked my Amber package and gifted the collectors edition already.

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Actually I do have an official answer. Forgot I asked this recently to ArtCraft support



ArtCraft S

ArtCraft Support (ArtCraft Entertainment)

Feb 1, 20:46


We will make it giftable before launch, before we open up Beta 2 testing which is what it has with it. I hope this helps. Happy to rebundle something if you need that too.

Thanks for supporting Crowfall!





Feb 1, 20:32


Wanted to know if you were going to make the Digital Game Copy giftable or Redeemable? I have 2 packages that I consumed and noticed that neither option is set for the Digital Game copy that I currently have 2 of. Would not have consumed both on the same account if I had know that.



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