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Shards Online


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This is for the Ultima Online Fans (how many times does that name get used?). 


Been looking at it everyday for the past two months, I'm a diehard UO fan and been burned to many times with games claiming to be like Ultima Online.


Anyone got a say on this game?  I don't think ill make it to the end of the month without breaking down and buying it.


Iv been on the IRC and what comes up a lot is.... anyone who's played Ultima Online like it but its at a very early stage right now for people who havent played Ultima Online to buy in, that ends up with Low POP.



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To a look at it....might be interting. Though im curious w g at relationship will be b etweens player made shards. It's cool they get to make stuff but if it has little to no impact on the game might fall flat.


Will most definitely keeping an eye on it.


PS love the harp playing as soon as you get to town. :D

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