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Pannderings: So much to celebrate - Official discussion thread

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It's been a year since I joined the Crowfall team just days before the Kickstarter ended.


What are some of your favorite memories of the past year? Do you have a favorite thread or video? A favorite community member or streamer? Do you remember what your first impressions were of Crowfall? Share your memories with us! We'd love to hear them. 





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I have 2 favorites:


1: The reveal of the Guinecean Duelist. The summary is short: *Me sees the Duelist* *sigh* ok *opens wallet* I was immedietly sold and knew I would support this game as my first Kickstarter so the best race ever has and will be can come to live.


2: was a certain someone that very polietly answered my cautious approach of finding a guild. With great care and bending the rules this indeviduell gave me a lot of confidence in my English and in general really. 


You know who you are ;)


I love you all.



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I actually missed the Kickstarter by about 3 days. I just remember seeing the plan for such depth around PvP (instead of trying to separate it out into some PURELY PvP arena, with all the strictly PvE stuff by itself), and hearing about how crafting will matter so much and how interdependency will be necessary between players.


That, and I just LOVED watching the videos of Todd and Blair spilling their design ideas. Most design breakdowns nowadays still sound mostly like marketing spiels. "We want it to be lime this so that tbe player's sense of adventure will be maximized!". But Todd and co. really display their in-depth thinking behind decisions and exhude passion for the project. When I found out abojt Crowfall, I immediately watched all available videos about 3 times, haha. I could listen to Todd talk about design for hours.


Then, I hopped onto these forums, and the discussions were SO lively and vast! It was incredible!

This post brought to you by...
Lephys. Because everything's better with a smile facepalm.

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I remember reading the escapist when I saw some article going on about this crazy "GoT meets EVE online" game. On a lark I checked it out and immediately fell in love. It was well timed too; Planetside 2 was clearly failing both in terms of content and was loosing the favor of my increasingly bored guild. Now we have something to look forward too instead of desperately hopping from game to game trying to see what sticks (and loosing lots of money in the process)! Its amazing to see all the progress that has been made in one year, and I cant wait to see what we have at the end of the next!

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Where did the time go? A year already behind us.


That 'Halfway There' video brought back memories, Look how young Todd was back then, he had on a few extra pounds, not a single grey hair, man he was looking sharp. Making a video game and dealing with the trolls on the forums must be stressful. 


Maybe few days off is in order?



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For me the whole year has been great and lots of fun. I have to think hard for something that stands out, but if I need to make a choice I would go with these videos:


Crowfall - A Team Effort : https://youtu.be/KUsqUYhVvrU

Crowfall - We Created a Monster : https://youtu.be/T3ui_ErqSbg

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For me the whole year has been great and lots of fun. I have to think hard for something that stands out, but if I need to make a choice I would go with these videos:


Crowfall - A Team Effort : https://youtu.be/KUsqUYhVvrU

Crowfall - We Created a Monster : https://youtu.be/T3ui_ErqSbg

Ha! Those were great.


I definitely liked the behind the scenes videos (especially animation and modeling).

I also had great fun meeting random people in the first couple of Hunger Dome tests I did that lead into team ups and conversations here on the forums. The community here has been great.


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It was great when we saw the first Video of gameplay from the Hunger Dome, and Todd was game over after like 10 seconds.

And we wrote on the forums, why he was out of the match so fast. And Todd wrote too about it. And then Jah answered on Todds post with "This just means you are a bad player, and you need to get better.", as a response to the kickstarter video.  :D

After EverQuest Next is gone, its Star Citizen for me.


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Some memorable moments for me: 

 -  searching for a no quest / no grind PvP MMORPG and finding an article linking to play2crush.com

 -  the frenzy of the few weeks before the end of the countdown

 -  the whole rampant speculation info and artworks drop

 -  the several live streams done during the Kickstarter (RIP live streams)

 -  reading flex's conspiracy theories about a possible link between the CF archetypes, Unity and the illuminatis

 -  the "keep one switch one" and other offtopic threads; lot of images and fun

 -  KS footage of their demo map

 -  the contests

 -  the Crow & Vessel reveal period

 -  waiting after 2.0....  :)

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Every new game I contemplate causes me to think about where I started gaming, where I'm at now, and everything in between game-to-game. Writing stories always a favorite, brain bubbles triggered sometimes by the most inconsequential events in-game with my friends.


Some of those friends have been online with me for 10+ years. We like to reminisce, etc.


So we listen to each other in the Crowfall Forums, how should the game work, what should the rewards be, etc., etc., what will the real outcome be?


One of my best "funny gut-level laughs" about gaming overall came from the following clip (15min). There is SO MUCH in there you can see from a gamer's eye, from stuff that's happened to us in games. Sent my friends the link, they got some laughs.


So, it starts with a Crow, and ends with a Crow Fall.


How appropriate. :D


Enjoy (yes, it's worth the watch), just think of each of us in our FIRST MMO:



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1) The Gordon Walton Atarashī Kami Club aka Gordon's fan girls Japanese edition.

    They made the best threads. 


2) The vessel system really changed the game and stirred things up a lot. 


3) Learning about the archetypes and promotions. Still looking forward to seeing the rest of the promotions.

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