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COMMENTARY: Crowfall Ranger Gameplay + First Impressions


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My first impressions of the Ranger archetype in Crowfall. So far I'm really digging it!


Video link: https://youtu.be/LPPl7MpwqyI

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Nice video and well played Ranger for where we are.


The DPS is truly sick on these things.


The ranger flat out destroys if you're able to hit your shots consistently. Unfortunately I'm not very good at hitting stuff yet :P

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I hate you for having a lag free, glitch free, crash free test.


The rest was good. That is all.


Definitely ran into some lag hilarity in some of the tests. Check out the Fun Moments Montage #2 for some Sonic the Hedgehog action. 

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Glad to see someone doing Ranger justice. I was playing with the 3 basic shot modes last test and probably will again this test. (Green, Blue Orange) Have you tested the best charge % for each shot? (Each one does progressively more damage, orange being the most)


Orange shot + Crushing arrows stunned EVERY time.

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