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Pax Maelstrom - A Hardcore Pvp Gaming Community

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And just because we may announce a recruit freeze sporadically doesn't mean you can't get to know us in the meantime.  We don't want to treat people like numbers, so we want to make sure we give each applicant the attention they deserve.


Although I might not go as easy on people I get to know first :P


Been around the MMO Block...


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*a lurker steps forth from the shadows*


Hello Pax,


'Hardcore gaming community' caught my eye, I've been reading through your forums and would like to make an application. I notice you are mostly from NA. Do you have any restrictions on EU players joining? I am from the UK but work unsociable shifts so my gaming time would likely match yours. The issue I can see is if there is a separate NA/EU server split like in WoW. What are your thoughts on this?


Looks like you have a great community here

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