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Pax Maelstrom - A Hardcore Pvp Gaming Community

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I have pizza and I have cider. Now if I had a game to play...


Are you taking an extended break from PfO, are you done with it?


Dark Souls II is on sale!


Oh Hi Guurzak. nice of ya to stop by. Two members in and I am slightly more hopeful we might get some EoX and friends to join us for CF. 



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What is the Pax Gaming Community? Pax Gaming is a collection of community minded members committed to enjoying games of all sorts together. The community has been around since 2001, and has been expe

this whole thread feels like an infomercial  

Pax Maelstrom has officially allied with Last Call! We look forward to working closely with our friendly neighbors.

Friends, live music, drinks, the beach, drinks......and Beer!


Sounds like an awesome time, especially the beer!



Idly playing various games and visiting various forum dramas :)


Did you actually get to enjoy your chill weekend?  Was there much drama to appreciate with popcorn?


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Did you actually get to enjoy your chill weekend?  Was there much drama to appreciate with popcorn?

Mine was nice and quiet.  Car in for maintenance on Saturday morning.  Picked it up Sunday afternoon.  Had roadside BBQ.  Sunday I spent at home being lazy and playing Witcher 3 on the PS4.  Went for a walk with the wife and dog in the evening.  Very enjoyable and relaxing.


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Weekly grind is an accurate, if somewhat depressing, description of a lot of our workweeks I'd wager.  Incredibly excited for the 3 day weekend!


Any plans for the 4th?

None as of yet.  My friend gets back in town this week though, so I imagine we may cook up something together with our two families.  


I doubt we will venture downtown into DC, or go anywhere because of the new baby.  Two months old is a little too young to be out playing in big crowds; plus the loud noise from fireworks.  We live about 2 miles from a military base, so I'm hoping we can just go in the backyard and catch the sky show there.


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