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Pax Maelstrom - A Hardcore Pvp Gaming Community

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None as of yet.  My friend gets back in town this week though, so I imagine we may cook up something together with our two families.  


I doubt we will venture downtown into DC, or go anywhere because of the new baby.  Two months old is a little too young to be out playing in big crowds; plus the loud noise from fireworks.  We live about 2 miles from a military base, so I'm hoping we can just go in the backyard and catch the sky show there.


Sometimes a casual holiday/vacation is nice.  I would imagine, living where you do, that you can see a lot of the show without having to worry about as much of the noise.  I totally get that the rush and the noise would be a lot for your little one. Hopefully you'll get your compromise.


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What is the Pax Gaming Community? Pax Gaming is a collection of community minded members committed to enjoying games of all sorts together. The community has been around since 2001, and has been expe

this whole thread feels like an infomercial  

Pax Maelstrom has officially allied with Last Call! We look forward to working closely with our friendly neighbors.

Looking forward to eventually hearing more about the Ranger.  Hopefully with combat testing starting soon, the second round of archetypes to be tested will include Rangers.


You and me both Hobs!  So far, with what little we know, the Ranger is definitely still at the top of my interest list.


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When I posted my guesswork that either the Ranger or the Assassin would be the next archetype added to the testing after the first 3, JTC liked the post. So take that as a definite maybe...

Official "Bad Person" of Crowfall

"I think 1/3rd of my postcount is telling people that we aren't turning into a PvE / casual / broad audience game." -


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Pretty similar here.  Summer is a busy time in construction!  


What books have been occupying your time recently?

Its mostly translated Japanese novel or translated Chinese novel or  some non translated version. trying to relearn my crappy Chinese again :D



Hey all, recent app here. I thought I'd post something witty, but it's 0900 and the coffee hasn't nearly kicked in. So just hi. 

No worry you are not the only one who is half asleep at 9am <- my brain is not switch on till 12/1pm :D


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you guys preparing for the cupping already?


good for you!


That won't really be an issue here, for anyone. They,(CN/Pac-Rim), will have their own regionalized servers.


Though, looking toward the future, I would probably look to form alliances and get my mind around the macro political game. I have a feeling cries of "Cupping, Nut Cupping, Zerging" et al will fall on deaf ears. These campaign worlds aren't likely to be populated by 40-50 guilds of uber-leet 20-30 man brosquads on each side duking it out supremacy.


I am of the belief this game will be "bigger" than that. There were alliances and mutual protection pacts in SB when the game was worth a damned. This game will not be the EMU, or SB for that matter.


And contrary to what you probably believe, there will most likely be a lot larger nations than Pax out there.


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