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What type of Player are you ? (Bartle's Taxonomy)

Bartle's Taxonomy  

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  1. 1. What Type of Player are you ?

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Check what Bartle's Taxonomy is here:   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yxpW2ltDNow   Just curious to know what types of players are on this forum        P.S.: Next step in understanding Bart

Results:   Cheers

At least use a link to a test.   http://www.4you2learn.com/bartle/   If you want to compare your results with other CF players use this group info: Group name: Crowfall Group Pin: 2325 Retrieva

Not sure what the answer is actually.


The taxonomy made me wonder though, if you really like a game like startopia, what category does that put you in?





At least use a link to a test.


I'm stuck at question 1...


ok so, I'm an achieving explorer who occasionally likes to grief people????

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I'm here mostly for the PvP so definitely a killer (though ironically I mostly play support HAH), but I love having a political (or at least more involved) backdrop instead of a mindless "deathmatch."


I definitely think explorer and socializer will be closely linked to killing though. After all, need to make sure my neighbors are good 'ol allies so they effectively become meat armor against foreign pushes and I need to kill explorers so they don't wander up on lumber mills and mines they have no business being in. ;)

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According the test, here is a socializer.





An other test call me a Strategist, but I suppose the concept is similar


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