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What type of Player are you ? (Bartle's Taxonomy)

Bartle's Taxonomy  

363 members have voted

  1. 1. What Type of Player are you ?

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93% Griefer highest score for that... well tied with some Remlap guy.


I a PvPer and will endlessly duel and solo/small scale in pvp games but I dont consider myself a griefer /shrug.


It is a bit of a mystery why this version of the test calls it "Griefer" instead of "Killer."


My guess is that because the website is aimed at children aged 3-14, the word "Killer" seemed inappropriate to someone.


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Achiever: 40%

Explorer: 100%

Griefer: 27%

Socializer: 33%


Yep, I already know that I am explorer type.

I didn't learn any magic in UO and couldn't even use recall. Always run to moongates to moongates to travel around Britannia. My friend gave me a bunch recall scroll one day and I still had to cast several times to use it successfully. One of my friend in UO got surprised when I visited his house on foot in the middle of a forest.

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According to this test, I'm mainly Explorer.

33% Achiever, 80% Explorer, 40% Killer (Griefer blah), 47% Socializer

(Very interesting to see the results for everyone who tested in the group on that one.)


The helloquizzy test referenced by someone else had a slightly different result (though granted I last took it about 5-6 months ago)

Just in case anyone's interested in that one, my result there was:

17% Ace, 28% Effector, 50% Innovator, 67% Strategist

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^- That test seems more accurate for me. More options than the four, etc. The description feels accurate, but it may be one of those generalized "be vague enough and everyone will see themselves in your description" fortune cookie deals.


As for Bartle's Taxonomy, I'm closest to an Explorer


"Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever." - Mahatma Gandhi

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